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They meet at Scuola Libera del Nudo in the Arts Academy in Brera, Milan (Italy), where their artis-tic collaboration begins. 
Fiorenza Bucciarelli, pianist, teaching at the A.Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, and ar-tistic director of relevant misical events, is also a writer and painter.
Dino Miglio, painter, carver, designer in grafics, lives and works in Novara.
The two artists made an exhibition together at the "Engraving Center" in Milan, at the "Ethno-graphic Museum" in Alessandria, in Rome at the "Art Gallery Il Saggiatore", Via Margutta, in the frame of the painting festival "Scatole a Regola d'Arte", within the exhibition room of Sant'Erasmo in Bonassola (Sp), in Genoa "Palazzo Stella" di Satura and Arts Genoa 2010 - 6th Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, in Acqui Terme at the "Galleria Artanda" and the exhibition room of Palazzo Chiabrera, in Havana within the "Union de escritores y artistas de Cuba", in La Réunion in the exhibition room "LILOT" in Saint Louis and "ART I SHOW" in Saint Pierre.
Moreover they took part to different collective exhibitions undertaken by Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera and by the Genoa's cultural association Satura, among which the exhibition called "The wall", the theme was the 20th anniversary of Berlin's wall falling, after the important exhibition at M.K.Ciurlionis National Art Museum and it included different museums in the East of Europe, among them the Museum Panevezys Civic Art Gallery (Lituany), Museum Siauliai Civic Art Gal-lery (Lituany), Museum Telsiai Civic Art Gallery (Lituany).
Bucciarelli&miglio gave incentive to different pictural, musical poetry performances among which "HAIKU" at the Modern Art Gallery in Genoa Nervi, "ICONS" at the American Center in Moscow, "PPPianissimo" at the Mondadori's cultural center in Alessandria and at the Luzzati Museum in Genoa, "Riflessi d'Oriente" at the Ethnographic Museum in Alessandria, "Plastic Brain" at the "Contaminations Festival" in Novi Ligure. Recently bucciarelli&miglio have been invited by the Moscow State University for the International Conference "Free Verse and Free Dance: Embodied Sense in Motion", the created "Time, freed in verse, music and steps", a multimedia performance that took place at the historic avant-garde theatre PROEKT FABRICA in Moscow and at Chelsea Studios in New York City where they worked together with Meg Brooker and Cheryl Piana.

They designed pictures in some poetry books among which "Sapori d'Oriente" Giorgio Gazzolo, "Entro nell'onda" Cesare Baroso, "Waldeszenen op.1 - Scene del bosco" Fiorenza Bucciarelli, "Pianissimo" a tribute to Camillo Sbarbaro's poetry sponsored by Alessandria's district administration, "Briciole - 5thB class chil-dren's love poetry and "In…canto" second boys' poetry collection with Giorgio Barberi Squarotti's, Maria Luisa Spaziani's, Marcello Venturi's, Paolo Conte's relevant prefaces.

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